How Much Does it Cost to Start-up a Hair Salon Business?

With fashion trends coming and going at an increasingly fast rate most investors have found that a well-managed, well thought out hair salon can be a very profitable investment. While at first glance the market is filled with hair salons, a careful plan and good research can be the base for a strong business.

The key, as in any oversaturated field is to find a niche and work towards filling that niche with the best possible service on the market. For example, while many hair salons offer service for people with all kind of outrageous requests, why not focus on those who are balding or are actually bald.

This way you will attract a new segment of potential clients and establish yourself as a market leader in providing medical and esthetical treatment for those who are either balding or have gone bald on a substantial part of their scalp. The more you grown the more you can update and diversify your offer, constantly improving your product and services.

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You can start by offering counselling services as there are different reasons and patterns of baldness and then advise potential clients on what the best treatment for their unique condition could be, whether it be medical, a different hair style or simply different hair care products.


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