Hair Loss Treatment: What You Should Know Before You Begin

Hair Loss Treatment: What You Should Know Before You Begin

Source a hair loss treatment centre with a proven track record

It’s worth investing your time in sourcing a hair clinic that has a significant amount of experience in delivering hair loss treatments. Look for a combination of: qualified hairdressers only; accreditations such as ISO:9001; memberships to an industry-related associations e.g. HSBA; a strong relationship with public organisations e.g. NHS or a strong client list supported by testimonies. Look for providers who provide their own ‘Before and After’ pictures so that you can assess the competency and results of its services.

Manage your expectations

If your hair loss problem is genetic, it is unfortunately unlikely that hair loss can be reversed. Quick promises to restore a full head of hair should be met with caution. Hair transplants are probably one of the most effective forms of treatment as it is permanent and natural. However, not every individual is a suitable candidate and the success of a transplant depends on the quality of existing or ‘donor’ hair. If you are young and hair thinning is genetic, your hair loss could still continue after a transplant. It is therefore absolutely vital that you are able to manage your expectations prior to any treatment. This is achieved by having a full and open discussion with your chosen hair consultant. An experienced and knowledgeable consultant will patiently listen to your needs and help alleviate any concerns. They will also provide completely honest and transparent information to allow you to make your final decision.

Take the necessary time to explore treatment options

Many individuals, anxious to find a way to overcome their hair loss, select a form of treatment that might not necessarily suit their lifestyle or needs. A good advice centre will never pressure you to make an immediate purchase decision. Embarking on treatment can be a life-transforming decision and it’s worth taking time to explore, consider and digest different options. While hair transplants are a popular initial choice, there are other forms such as Hair Integration (a non-surgical procedure to boost hair density), hair pieces which can be custom-made to your specifications; trichology treatments (medical diagnosis of scalp and hair problems) and topical (external) treatments. These alternatives are incredibly effective. It’s also worth remembering that hair loss treatment is likely to have on-going factors that involve a cost (e.g. maintenance) so please consider this before you begin any course of action. Don’t be afraid to ask the cost of treatment or the price of products which you may require. Although the cost varies according to the variations in type of hair and size of individual items, an indicative price should be available from a reputable clinic or supplier.

Any decision on treatment is always yours

A reputable hair loss centre understands that the decision to take any course of treatment is your decision and yours alone. You should never feel under pressure or obligated to make an on-the-spot decision or provide a treatment deposit without fully understanding the implications of your course of treatment. In fact, an experienced hair loss centre might even send you home again to take the necessary time and space to make your decision!

Embarking on hair loss treatment is understandably nerve-wracking and a big decision but, if you have sought a reputable supplier, you will feel 100% comfortable and ready to begin. Many of those who have undergone hair loss treatment have described life-transforming results. Hair replacement can restore your hair and your confidence, open up social possibilities and help you lead a fuller and happier life. If you’re looking for a form of hair loss treatment, get in touch with A&A Studios Ltd, a leading hair advice centre.

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